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Sheri Berry has designed, planned, and built over one hundred websites demonstrated by a huge portfolio of work at www.makewebmagic.com/porfolio.htm

Web Designer Sheri Berry's experience reads like a Who's Who in Corporate America.

See a partial client list below and be sure to check out our web, marketing and design portfolios:

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Texas Instuments launched web architect Sheri Berry's career in web development in 1994 when the internet began to take off. She was on the first-ever web development team for www.ti.com and helped launched the TI website. Her team won the Golden Quill Award for Excellence in Corporate Communication.

Curently at PerotSystems Sheri Berry works on the User Experience team as an information architect to design user friendly solutions for Healthcare clients.

Sheri Berry's 'Make Web Magic' designed and built large scale interactive recruitment sites for PassportAccess, Inc. in San Ramon, California as well as serving as information architect and web prototype designer for the global job posting aggregator, eQuest.com.


AudioTel hired Sheri Berry to re-design the user interface for their online banking tool; delivering a simple, easy to change style for the development team to implement across hundreds of banks.

Southwest Airlines hired Sheri Berry to develop the user interface for their complex Fuel Management System where she worked with business analysts, data base administrators, and programmers and served as information architect and web designer to build the prototype.

Brinks Armoured Truck Division brought Sheri Berry in to create a simple UI for a complex financial backend system for Brinks cash cage tellers. Style sheets and a library of templates enabled the programmers to develop a consistent interface for the system.

Centex Construction of Dallas hired Sheri Berry with 'Make Web Magic' to plan and design their huge backend Intranet Portal - setting up style guides and design templates the company could use to bring all of their internal applications into a cohesive, attractive and functional interface that made sense.

Y2Marketing in Los Colinas added to Sheri's experience in writing compelling marketing copy and honed her skills in converting the casual user into a buying customer, helping to make making any business look good and make money from their websites.

Yum! International asked Sheri to create the front end for the Pizza Hut, KFC and Taco Bell Intranet by bringing together all departments under one portal using her design guidelines, style sheets and creative design templates.

Sheri Berry is on the X-Treme Marketing Makeover Team with MakeMarketingMagic.com to offer wise businesses the most bang for the buck when presenting themselves online, in print and in advertising.



"For the past 7 years we've worked together with X-MM on various projects involving the creation of new and exciting websites and applications. We continue utilizing their professional services as they consistently serves up imaginative and innovative ideas that translate into effective and productive websites."
John Malone, eQuest.com

"The X-Treme MM logo, brochure and website look so professional and gorgeous that I love showing them off! They are helping my image by giving me greater crediblility. Thank you!"
Tammy Gersh - xaler.com

Sheri, great job on the site!
Bart Rudy - www.betterbizbrokers.com

Our site looks great, thanks for all the hard work!
Kati and Paula- www.cedarelmstables.com

Congratulations! We love the design.
Stevie G. - www.lonestarphotostudios.com